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Matthew by ScarfNinja Matthew by ScarfNinja
I decided to join the bang wagon of artists that follow BCB and made a fan character. I'm still trying to figure out his name but pretty much the rest of his life up to current is thought up (since I'm unoriginal a lot is based on my life :I )

Name: Matthew
Breed: Maine Coon
Age: 15-16 (haven't fully decided yet...)
Birthplace: California, USA
Back story: Born into a military family, the early years of his life were spent traveling from state to state, including some time overseas in Germany. After returning to the states, his parents grew apart from his father having to leave for months to years at a time for his job and ended up divorced when he was 10. His mother winning custody in the divorce, they moved into the city where our main BCB cast reside. He spent a year or two collecting himself after the ordeal between his parents, and ended up in a bad brawl causing him to lose his eyesight in his right eye (loldrama) while also making two new friends who helped defend him and grew a strong bond to them (will probably draw them up later) he began to settle into his surroundings as they moved up into the newest journey of High school. As their first year went on, he came across a Tabby who seemed to catch his eye and heart in a way he'd never experienced before and had no idea what to take from it and did what he could to keep it under wraps, even amongst his friends. He spent the rest of the year trying to keep his head down whenever he shared a class with the tabby girl, even if she hardly spoke out there was something about her he couldn't figure out that caused him to be so struck by her. After the year was up and he turned 15, he thought it would be nice to try and help the family by taking up a job at the local theatre, to his dismay/luck he found out she also worked at the theatre. Deciding enough was enough he summoned up the courage to talk to her, talking about work and the people from school helped ease his nervousness around her. After taking the leap and getting to talking to her, he feels things can only look up from here.

-slams head on desk-

Amaya (for those who didn't get who the Tabby is) belongs to :icontaeshilh:

Matthew belongs to moi :iconscarfninja:
VedtheFlameDevil Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, interesting...
ScarfNinja Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2010
The story so far is pretty bad since I basically just belted it out on the spot
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June 28, 2010
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